Licensed Herbal Remedies

We sell a wide range of licensed herbal remedies. This is the safest way for you to buy herbal medicines as the THR mark assures you of consistency, quality and the best in patient advice on correct dosage and use. 

Since May 2011 it has been illegal for manufacturers and stores to supply unlicensed herbal medicines in the EU. You can tell if a product is licensed as it will have a PL or a THR number printed on the pack. Herbal supplements fall under different EU regulations.

Napiers herbal medicines are blends of herbs tried by our patients time and time again over the last century. We mainly use practitioner strength (1:1) fluid extracts for fast-acting relief of symptoms. All our licensed remedies are made under pharmaceutical (GMP) standards so you can trust their quality. We stock a range of licensed herbal tablets. We also supply dried herbs.

THR certification logo

Since 2011, herbal medicines
have to be registered to
ensure quality and safety. 
Look for the THR mark
or a PL number.

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