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Read all about the Pollen Count, Nettles and your Summer Health.

Start supporting your diet now before the birch and grass pollen starts!

Summertime Capsules

Summertime Tea

Sinus Rub Massage Cream

Napiers Organic Salves

Fantastic natural skin care and supportive herbal supplements

Starflower Sensitive Skin Cream Bestseller

Napiers Venatone Cream

Napiers Capsicum & Ginger Cream

Age Defiance Corrective Cream

Natural remedies for sleep problems, stress, anxiety, coughs and colds

Napiers Valerian Tincture

Cut A Cough

Elixir of Echinacea Complex

After Dinner Mint Mixture

Try some of our fabulous treats and gifts as well

Mothers Day Rose Gift Set

Rosie Bath Bake

Mothers Day Rose & Ylang Ylang Gift Set

La Vie en Rose Bath Bake

Mothers Day Chamomile Gift Set

Queen of Hearts Bath Bake

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protect your heart

Napiers Red Rice Yeast contains natural monacolin K which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Napiers Red Rice yeast capsules

Are you iodine deficient?

Over 68% of women in the UK are iodine deficient! Take Napiers Seagreens Hebridean Kelp every day to help keep you feeling happy, healthy, active and energetic.

Napiers Seagreen Hebridean Kelp is a good source of iodine 


The Dept of Health recommends a Vitamin D supplement for all people over 65, infants, children, pregnant & breastfeeding mums and people who don't get much sun.

Vitamin D3


  • Fast acting & effective
  • High 'practitioner' strength
  • Holistic combination blends
  • Formulated by herbalists
  • Used for generations

tried • tested • trusted

Duncan Napier

Our founder, Duncan Napier, opened the first clinic on 25 May 1860. Our qualified medical herbalists have been treating patients ever since.

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