Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream

Ease and relax your hardworking joints and muscles

Napiers famous warming cream is used as a massage rub to comfort muscles, joints, backs and ease neck tension. Massage also stimulates circulation, especially to cold fingers and toes.

Capsicum and Ginger Skin Cream Tube

  • Warms, soothes and eases creaky joints and stiff muscles
  • Stimulates blood supply to the extremities such as fingers and toes
  • Does not burn the skin
  • Pleasant unobtrusive scent
  • Useful in cold weather to stimulate circulation and protect against effects of extremely cold weather such as chilblains
  • Massage onto neck to relieve tension and avoid tension headaches


Apply as often as required, massaging into skin around muscles and joints. Keep away from eyes and delicate areas and wash hands after use. For extremely sensitive skin we recommend that you do a patch test first - try a little cream on the inside of your elbow and wait 24 hours to check you are not sensitive.

Active ingredients

Capsicum/Cayenne  Capsicum anuumfruit extract
Ginger Zingiber officinaleroot extract
Lavender Lavendula angustifoliaessential oil
Marjoram Origanum marjoranaessential oil
Black Pepper Piper nigrumseed extract
Juniper Juniperus communisessential oil
Tea tree Melaleuca leucadendronessential oil
Comfrey Symphytum officinaleextract
Arnica Arnica montanaextract

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