Rickard Lane's & WH Box Ltd

Rickard Lane's looks after all the licensing, stocking, manufacturing and supply of the Napiers products. We distribute online (this website) and supply retailers such as health food shops and independent companies around the UK and run the distribution in other parts of the world.

Our history

William Henry Box was a Cornish herbalist, who opened his first herbal shop and manufactory in 1875. It was called the Giant Pill Manufactory.

Advert from 1893William Box had discovered the wonders of herbs by chance. He had been diagnosed in his teens as a consumptive - now called pulmonary tuberculosis – and the doctors thought that he would die. He was cured by a old Cornish herbalist and this inspired him to devote his life to herbal medicine. He studied for years in his free time before establishing the business when he was 30 years old. 

He wrote of his early illness "I had a strong impression that there was something in nature that could cure me, and eventually the herbs I fixed upon were gathered and prepared, and in the course of a few weeks, I mended so wonderfully that I was able to return to my work." 

In 1888, WH Box moved to Plymouth, expanding his business. His shop remained there for the next 70 years with his slogan "Box's Pills Save Doctor's Bills" emblazoned across the front, becoming an enduring Plymouth landmark. It was from this sailing port that early herbalists had departed to America in the days of the Pilgrim Fathers and WH Box was very influenced by the Quaker ideals of good, simple nourishment and abstinence from alcohol. He endorsed the principles of good, simple fare that nourished the body and kept it healthy. 

Mr Box made a wide range of herbal tablets for a range of conditions. His pills were famous and he was awarded two Gold Medals and three Distinction Awards in the Paris and Rome Exhibitions of 1912 for his work. William Box also made these tablets for his friend and colleague Duncan Napier, the famous Scottish Victorian herbalist from Edinburgh, such as his Napiers Anti-Fat Pills with bladderwrack and clivers! 

Herbalists at the heart of our business

Advert from 1937Over time, William Box's business was amalgamated with that of Henry Lane, and taken over by his apprentice E.J. Rickard. We also run a clinic for the people of Leigh, also with a strong herbal tradition from the famous Lancastrian herbalist Charlie Abbott. The centuries of knowledge we have inherited from these herbalists, combined with the legacy of Duncan Napier, is kept alive by our medical herbalists who practice in the Napiers Clinics. We are led by our patients' needs and not by fad and fashion, no matter what 'new discovery' is made in the rainforest!

Present time

WH Box as the herbal medicine company Rickard Lanes & WH Box Ltd still continues to this day. We uphold our founder's traditions and philosophy that "the best herbal ingredients provide the truest and most effective medicines". 

In the Victorian times, adulteration and poor quality were real problems and William Box set himself the highest standards with full control over purity at every stage of production. He grew and dried most of the herbs used in his tablets himself, from farms and moors in the Cornish and Devonshire countryside. They were then carefully packed and sent by train to his manufactory. 

These days all their herbal medicines are manufactured under strict quality controls called GMP, the same way that all licensed medicines are made. His formulas were first registered as medicines in the late 1960s by E.J. Rickard and his son John Rickard, who still runs a herbal shop in Mayflower Street, Plymouth to this day. 

We started to upgrade all our licences to THR registrations in 2010. These days, all our medicines are made under PL or THR (Traditional Herbal Registration) licences in manufacturing facilities that operate to high pharmaceutical standards known as GMP. This ensures the correct identification and strength of the herbs that we use, consistent quality and the highest standards.

No matter what research papers are published, customers buy products that work over and over again and don't buy products that don't work. That our Box's Herbals and Napiers formulas are still marketed, over a century later, is a simple testimony to their success with our customers.