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Smoking can play havoc with the skin, robbing the body of vital antioxidant nutrients and adversely affecting the skin's blood supply. Cigarette smoke also contains a wide range of toxic substances that can trigger allergies in some people. 

Stress can play a large part in skin flare-ups and a noticeable improvement can often be seen when stress levels are reduced. See our Stress Management page for information on herbs to help control stress. 

Exercise can also help to reduce stress levels and boost circulation and energy levels.  

It is also really important to get adequate sleep – this is when your body does its repair work, and lack of sleep can contribute to dull, problematic skin.

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Napiers Skin Soother Herbal Relief contains burdock root, sarsaparilla, queen's delight and red clover.

Napiers Elixir of Echinacea contains echinacea, wild indigo and fumitory.


Burdock root (Arctium lappa) is the mainstay of most internal treatments for skin, as it has a detoxifying effect on the liver.

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If you have chronic health problems, we advise you to see a medical herbalist at Napiers or through the  National Institute of Medical Herbalists


Starflower oil (Borago officinalis) is pressed from the seeds. High in GLA it is extremely soothing.


Calendula (C. Officinalis) also called Pot Marigold stimulates and speeds up skin cell renewal.


Humble Chickweed (Stellaria media) is cooling in skin creams for even the most sensitive and delicate skin types. 

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