Lifestyle Advice for Getting Older

Exercise. It is vital to keep exercising as you get older. Around 60 you may discover that your joints can no longer take the pounding of running but it is vital not to give up as you become creaky as exercise helps. Try swimming or walking instead. From here on stretching exercise becomes as important as aerobic exercise. Those who do pilates, yoga or tai chitend to have far greater mobility and better overall health as they age.

Stay mentally active. Don't retreat to a life of inertia behind the television. Try to take an interest in current affairs and cultivate younger friends. Use your bus pass and the discounts offered to pensioners and get out and try new things. A healthy, active mind encourages a healthy, active body at any age.

Drugs. Avoid drugs where possible. And we don't mean the illegal ones. Pharmaceutical drugs can be vital and necessary, however all too often once people start on them, they remain on them. There are alternative ways you can investigate to lower high blood pressure, cholesterol or balance blood sugar before it becomes a problem. Most drugs have side-effects and once you are taking a few at the same time, your overall health and quality of life may deteriorate. If you have to take medication, do read the leaflet and if you start to get side effects do tell your GP, pharmacist or report them online at

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