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We supply over a hundred herbs as dried leaf, root, bark, berries, flowers and as Napiers herbal teas. We also supply herbal extracts. For example:

  • Herbal Essences- an alcohol (grain ethanol) extract mainly used for food or cosmetic purposes. E.g. Ginger Essence, Oat Essence.
  • Herbal Tinctures- an alcohol (grain ethanol) extract mainly used for medicinal purposes. E.g. St. John's Wort Tincture.
  • Herbal Syrups- an extract in a fructose or sucrose base mainly used for food purposes
  • Herbal Medicines- both in liquid, tablet or capsule form produced under THR registrations to comply with the EU law.

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An extract of plant material in alcohol is called either an essence or a tincture. The method is manufacture is the same. However, an essence is used to make cosmetics, your own remedies, for adding to drinks and in food recipes while a tincture is used medicinally by herbalists to treat patients.

Napiers essences and tinctures are 1:3 water to alcohol unless otherwise stated. 


Since 2011, European law has limited us to selling only non-medicinal tinctures (essences) over the counter unless you are a registered patient or herbalist.

We can however still supply all herbal tinctures and blends on prescription to our registered patients. If you would like to register with us as a patient (its free) or need help please call 0845 002 1860 or email 

When ordering, please have your patient card number handy, if possible, or log in to your patient account.

Best selling dried herbs

Nettle Dried Herb Thumb Nettle Leaf

Elderflower Dried Herb Thumb Elder Flower

Echinacea Dried Herb Thumb Echinacea Root 

Dandelion Dried Herb Thumb Dandelion Leaf

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